News for 2024 at Wild Carp Lakes fishery

We have took into account relevant feedback from carp anglers who had passed fishing holidays at Wild Carp Lakes fishery. Here are some improvements for carp fishing session from March 29th to October 27th for 2024.
Preserved and magical nature

Improve the interior of the cottage on the island

Complete repair of the floor of the cottage which had been damaged by humidity.
Replacement of chipboard flooring with tiles.

Improvement of fishing pegs

Creation of additional platforms for better access to fishing pegs.
It allows you to better use each fishing peg regardless of the water level.

Extend the terrace where is set the outdoor table

Extend the gravel terrace on the island towards the 2nd fishing peg.
Allows a medium sized bivvy to be set next to the outdoor table.
Magnificent and powerful carps

Give a fishing holiday to your nearest or close friends

Offer fishing holidays to your nearest or close friends.
Such present does not have any exiration date so it will be achieved.
It's quick and easy: we send you the gift voucher with the booking file.
The fishing holidays is fully validated once the overall payment has been received.

No-kill pole fishing is allowed during the day

Pole fishing is only allowed during the day to fish roach, tench, bream and rudd.
Only one pole for each angler replacing one carp rod to be taken out of water.
No-kill pole fishing with single barbless hooks and no fishing basketas for carp angling.
Careful handling, photos then immediate release of the fish.
Cooked seeds, maggots or pasta as bait or groundbait, landing net required.