Booking for carp fishing holidays in cottage or bivvy

To spend a quiet and revitalizing fishing holiday at Wild Carp Lakes fishery in champagne, you must book your fishing trip. Carp fishing holidays are open from March 29th to October 27th for 2024.

Dynamic and beautiful carps

All carp fishing holidays have to be booked

Booking is mandatory for all fishing holidays at Wild Carp Lakes.
You can contact us by email with details on your request for holidays.
You can phone Fabien at +33 663 792 897 at lunchtime or dinnertime.
Book as soon as possible to give you more opportunity for your dates.

Give a fishing holiday to your nearest or close friends

You can phone Fabien at +33 663 792 897 to express the gift you would give.
We make the booking file with the gift voucher and send them to you.
Then you will pay us the whole cost for the stay to validate the gift.
The carp angler will spend an unforgettable moment of no-kill carp fishing.
Preserved and magical nature

How to proceed for booking your carp fishing holidays?

A phone call then an email will validate the date and duration of your fishing holidays.
We make the booking file with all details and send them to you.
Then you sign the booking form and send back to us with the deposit.
Once the deposit is cashed by our bank, we confirm your carp fishing holidays.

Carefree fishing holidays with an exclusive lake

1 fishing lake = 1 fishing session so that your fishing holidays are without any disturbance.
3 pegs on the islet with the cottage and 2 pegs on the bivvy lake as well.
Timing of stays: arrival for 11am on the first day, departure late morning on the last day.
Book your carp fishing holidays without delay because of huge requests.